Workers in Masvingo CBD are having to drive to the outskirts of town to use the bush as the water crisis has left the toilets clogged and therefore shut.
Because Masvingo is a fairly small city other workers just walk across to the fringes and this is a posing a serious health hazard.
Masvingo City’s water supplies have worsened with tapes running dry for two to three consecutive days even in the CBD where population concentration is highest.
Other cities are avoiding such a problem by ensuring that the CBD’s are always supplied with water.
Masvingo City acting health services director, Ngonidzashe Mapamule said they don’t encourage people to use the bush as it is against Government policy on health. He said they expect people to store enough water for use when there is no running.
“We used to sneak to Chicken Inn or Chicken Slice to relieve ourselves since they have water tanks but for the past three months they would not allow the public to use their toilets only reserving them for their patrons holding receipts of purchases,” said a middle aged man who works for a real estate company.
“Women are the most affected especially during menstruation. It’s a messy and unhealthy business. The crisis has hit the bottom,” said Cynthia Murefu who works for an electric appliances company at ZimPost complex.
Masvingo City Mayor Collen Maboke said as long as there is load shedding the water crisis will be a permanent problem.