SOUTH Africa-based property mogul Frank Buyanga has found himself in the eye of a storm involving Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and his embattled wife, Marry.

Sources close to the Chiwenga family on Thursday revealed that Buyanga had been at the forefront of scouting for properties on behalf of Marry in South Africa, where he runs a sprawling real estate empire.

The sources said once Buyanga spotted a property or properties, he would negotiate the prices and terms of payment before raising Marry and her team to bring forth the payments.

Nothing is known yet about the duration of the two’s alleged relationship, but sources privy to the said affair have said Buyanga and Marry would on numerous occasions be spotted out while holidaying together.

Zim Morning Post is in possession of photo images of Buyanga and Marry’s son apparently enjoying each other’s company while in the Victoria Falls.

The child in question (picture witheld) is one of Marry and the Vice President’s three children.

Marry and her husband are going through what appears like an acrimonious divorce phase, with the Vice President accusing  the former model of wanting him dead.

There are also accusations that Marry had sought to upgrade her marital status with the former general, bringing it to Chapter 5:11 of the Marriages Act without the latter’s consent. Accusations concerning Marry’s wrong doings have led to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission arresting and bringing Marry before the courts of law.

Speaking on behalf of Buyanga, his attorney Estee Maman, from Maman Attorneys said allegations that his client scouted or purchased properties in South Africa on behalf of Marry were unfounded.

“I am fully acquainted with the details of Mr Buyanga’s properties and the purchases made and can verify that this statement and claim made is false and completely baseless,” Maman told Zim Morning Post.

On Buyanga’s relationship with Marry, he said “Mr Buyanga is a businessman and has no relationship with politicians.”

Pressed on on whether pictures of Buyanga with Marry and her child at a holiday resort did not point to a personal relationship, Maman said his client does not recall taking any such pictures.

“Mr Buyanga has no recollection of taking pictures however he is a well-known businessman who is asked by public figures to take pictures with him,” he said, adding:

Furthermore, being at the same resort as a politician and greeting them/their kids and being polite or friendly still does not mean any relationship personal or otherwise exists. Mr Buyanga has pictures with several Presidents and politicians who request a photo with him. It is polite to agree to a photo when asked.”