Tinashe Zisengwe

A shameful 28 year old Ruwa man who fondled a four year old girl as well as a twelve year on the same day has been arraigned to court.

Prosecuting Emmanuel Dera said the disgraceful drunkard, Willard Togarasei, from East View Phase 15 in Ruwa summoned a four year old girl from the neighbourhood into his house where he allegedly ordered her to sit on his lap.

The juvenile complied and the accused who took advantage of her age started fondling her private parts , but sensing danger the innocent victim cried for help resulting to another 12 year old coming to rescue.

While the 12 year old was trying to come to terms with what was transpiring, the evil man just like his name in vernacular Shona language Togarasei (how can we live well) upon noticing that the girl had stormed into the room he set free the four year old and grabbed the former.

He allegedly fondled her private parts telling her not to resist as he had done to the other victim.

The girls later reported the incident to their parents who then filed a report to the police.

Magistrate Arnold Maburo referred the matter to a later date.