Shakespeare Muzavazi

A Masvingo man brought the courts to a stand still after he appeared before Magistrate Victor Muhamandi yesterday facing charges of stock theft.

Jaino Mukozho (35) from Muzarira village under Chief Chikwanda recently appeared in court for stealing a pig.

Proscuting, Nancy Makuvise told the court that on the 29th of April 2017 around 4 pm, the accused approached Sylvester Chigowe’s homestead and unlawfully took a male pig indicating that the complainant was failing to pay his debt hence the pig was now equivalent to his debt.

The complainant’s wife Agnes Ramwi told the accused to wait for Chigowe but the accused remain adamant.

Mukozho went to the pen, took the pig and disappeared.

He later killed the pig and bartered the meat.

The stolen pig is valued at $60-00 and nothing was recovered.

A report was made to police leading to the arrest of Mukozho.

Masvingo Magistrate Victor Muhamandi sentenced Mukozho to 2 months imprisonment suspended on conditions of restitution of  $60 by 16 May, 2017.