MDC-T Zhombe Constituency has posted on Facebook condemning President Robert Mugabe’s step son Russel Goreraza for allowing the 93-year-old Mugabe and his mother to bribe him to forget his real father who is bitter after his mother was snatched by Mugabe.

This come in the wake of Russel having imported Roll Royce cars worth over $5 million.

 “It would be fair to all that Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa should be called in to explain to Parliament as to whether the Rolls Royce’s owner Russel Goreraza paid duty at Beitbridge Customs & Immigration Office,” said the MDC-T.

“And it is upon every future government to inspect that record or else he will have to eventually face the music. His real Dad is a troubled soul and he is a man whose emotions have been reduced to Facebook posts,” said MDC-T

The MDC-T said Russell’s father Stanley Goreraza has probably lived decades whereby he has no access to his son and his son has been showered with blackmail goodies to block him from engaging his dad.