Zwnews Chief Correspondent

The government has put aside the 12th of August 2018, as the day for President- Elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s inauguration as if they knew that the courts will rule in their favour, maybe this is a clear sign that the ruling on the case to be lodged tomorrow by the MDC-Alliance challenging the presidential results is pre-determined.

MDC-Alliance has made intentions to challenge the results, and the government is fully aware that the results are going to be contested before the Constitutional Court.

Under a normal situation the government is not supposed to declare a day for the inauguration, until the court makes a ruling, but this time while the government is fully aware that the results are being challenged, went ahead to set a day for the inauguration.

Meanwhile, Section 93, subsection (3) of the Constitution states that the Constitutional Court must hear that petition within fourteen days after the petition was lodged, and the court’s decision is final.

Where there is a challenge to the results, the inauguration should be withheld until a court made its ruling.

Some are beginning to wander why is it that Mnangagwa and company are so sure the court will rule in their favour.

Some reports are that the government has already started sending invitations to diplomatic missions and embassies to grace the inauguration ceremony; as if they know the fate of the case or its outcome.

Renowned lawyer Alex Magaisa says the opposition is still in the timeframe to make a challenge, and that it is improper for the government to arrange the inauguration before the expiry of the time within which a challenge can be made.

“It gives rise to suspicions that the electoral challenge is predetermined,” he says.