The opposition MDC led by advocate Nelson Chamisa is now working with some Zanu-Pf legislators to impeach President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This was revealed by Epworth legislator

Addressing a rally in his constituency, Ethrage Kureva at a rally in his constituency. Kureva said:

Among the processes we will be using to oust Mnangagwa out of office for his failure to deal with economic problems, which have seen the country go 18 hours without electricity daily, is impeachment and we are working with those in Zanu PF to ensure it’s successful.

An MDC insider told the News Day that there were disgruntled legislators within the ZANU PF who could partner with the MDC in overthrowing Mnangagwa. Te MDC insider said:

The impeachment strategy is also on the table and Zanu PF legislators are willing to come on board. They are also unhappy with the government and sad economic state of affairs. So as the MDC, we are looking to use the factions in the party to bring presssure on his doorstep.

However, MDC deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala has said that impeachment alone would not succeed since ZANU PF MPs have indicated that they will partner the MDC if they were sure that the process would end in the demise of Mnangagwa. He said:

We have to mount pressure from all corners, including occupying the streets to ensure Mnangagwa is removed from power before 2023. Hate me or like me, I will not rest until Nelson Chamisa is declared president of this country.