The Joe Biden led American Government has urged its Zimbabwean counterpart to let citizens vote in peace without fear or being intimidated in line with the country’s Constitution.

The American Government made this call through its Embassy in Harare.

“As Zimbabweans prepare to head to the polls tomorrow, the U.S. calls on all actors to recommit to free, fair, and peaceful elections.

“The Zimbabwean people deserve to choose their future without fear of repression or intimidation, in line with Zimbabwe’s constitution,” said the Embassy.

The call comes at the time are reports of voter intimidation especially in the rural areas, being perpetrated by suspected ZANU PF cadres.

Apparently, addressing a rally recently, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa said he doesn’t care if the elections are deemed free and fair or not.

He said Zimbabweans voting for their own good and not with the intention to please anybody.

He is on record calling on foreign observers to keep to their lane and avoid meddling in the country’s electoral processes.