The owners of four houses in a close in Unit N, Chitungwiza, no longer have access to a road after land barons allocated a stand in the midst of the road leading up to the houses.

The person, who was allocated the stand is already constructing a house.

Meanwhile, speaking during the Pre-Budget Seminar recently, Minister of Housing Eng Daniel Garwe warned land barons, saying their era is over and warned that they won’t go unpunished.

Garwe added that some illegal settlements will be regularised and encouraged the private sector to come and help with the regularisation and sanitation program in illegal settlements.

He also said the government is seriously considering subdivision of houses in low density suburbs, adding that as a country, there is a need to build high rising buildings to save space.

Apparently, residents body, Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) recently warned illegal settlers in Harare to brace for demolitions, following a warning by the Provincial Development Coordinator.

The City of Harare recently got a Court Order to demolish illegal settlements in the City and twenty housing cooperatives will be affected by the recent High Court Order.