We have been receiving numerous messages from concerned Zimbabwean citizens in Manicaland area about their fear of being caught up in Renamo raids. The Mozambican civil war is escalating resulting in many civilian casualties mainly in Mozambique.

Last week a government report cited the death of many civilians including some foreigners when security forces clashed with Renamo bandits in Mozambique.

zwnews.com reported on Sunday about the abductions and deaths of teachers in Chipinge.

Renamo  fighters are known to cross into Zimbabwe to steal medicines, cash  and cows.

In the 1980s hundreds of elephants from Gonarezhou National Park where slaughtered by Renamo(Matsanga) rebels.

Though there are no reports of any Zimbabwe military activities in Chipinge and Mkutare area in response to recent attacks, zwnews.com is reliably informed that the Zimbabwe Army is fully operational and covertly scanning the Eastern Highlands Area, using special forces and military intelligence to buffer the eastern border area without raising a lot of attention.

Alfonso Dhlakama, the leader of the  Renamo rebels is accusing Mozambican government for hiring Zimbabwe and SADC forces to attack rebel positions.

Renamo fighters believe that Mutare and Manicaland Zimbabwe is part of Mozambique that ‘they will take one day after overthrowing their home government’.  www.zwnews.com