The 23-year-old University of Zimbabwe student, who reported her boyfriend(22) for rape about two weeks ago, has withdrawn the charges.

The woman told H-Metro that her boyfriend, Tamuda Dyirakumunda,22, who is also a student at UZ, had pleaded for mercy, after spending a night in police holding cells.

“He is my lover, he pleaded for mercy and I withdrew the charges at the Harare Magistrates’ Court. 

“We have reconciled and buried the hatchet,” said the woman.

Tamuda told H-Metro that his lover had falsely accused him of rape.

“To be honest, the accusations affected me, my family and my career,” said Tamuda.

“I never raped her as alleged, but unongozivaoka zvinoita vasikana kana wamuramba. 

“I regret my actions,” he said.

The woman, who is on attachment, lodged a police report against Tamuda on April 8 claiming that he had raped her on March 26, in an office.

Tamuda had allegedly told her that he had lost affection for her on April 7.