Transform Zimbabwe president, Jacob Ngarivhume says the public sector suffers the most in corrupt societies.

He adds that this is exactly what has happened in Zimbabwe.

He says in Zimbabwe, the sector has been completely destroyed by corruption.

“In Zimbabwe, government officials, police, political parties and local government councils rank highest in corruption and nothing is being done to end this scourge,” he says.

He blames the government for not doing much to stop corruption, adding that it need clean hands to fight this economic ill.

“Corruption need clean hands to fight it. I encourage you to fight it at every level.

“The moment you begin to fight corruption, it will fight back, but be prepared to fight on. We have been imprisoned for calling for demos against corruption. But that will not stop us,” he says.

Meanwhile, when President Emmerson Mnangagwa took over the reigns of power, he promised zero tolerance to corruption.

However, according to some critics he has been dining with the very enemy he promised to fight.