Some analysts have mocked Henrietta Rushwaya for shifting goal posts in a smuggling case she is facing, after she recently told the court that she had picked the wrong bag.

Rushwaya was recently nabbed at the Robert Mugabe International Airport trying to smuggle more than 6kgs of gold to Dubai, with the help some state security guys, particularly the CIO.

Meanwhile, in her defence she told the court that she had picked the wrong bag with gold, leaving the intended one.

Apparently, Fadzai Mahere, says how come the wrong bag happened to have the traveling documents.

“So was her passport in the wrong bag? Along with her purse?” She asks.

In response to her query, others mockingly said maybe she had passports, and purses in each of her every bag.

Others still maintain that having gold at home still raises stink.

Another said; “In addition wrong bag containing 99.99% purified gold only found at Fidelity!!! How did she get to be in possession of export quality gold in her other bag? Dont mind the weight!!!”

Prominent political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says why then did the security guys switched the CCTVs if it was a wrong bag.

“So was switching off airport CCTV in the wrong bag? These people have no shame!” He says.