Fugitive Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has declared that millions will be “unlocked” for some of his followers after he prayed for them and declared 2021 to be “a year of miracles”.

The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader held the church’s first service of the year late on Sunday. It was broadcast across many social media platforms and streamed via ECG’s YouTube channel.

The “Grand Entrance Sunday” service saw the self-proclaimed prophet “unlocking millions” for one congregant and preaching about healing without mentioning the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“God said to me he wants to extend our spiritual territories. We are in a year of miracles.”

Bushiri told his followers: “When God is doing something for a person, he does not do it because you have faith, or many prayers. He does it because you are under the jurisdictions of the anointing.”

Prophesying for a woman who said she is based in Rwanda, Bushiri said he saw millions being “unlocked” for her in June.

“You are bound to become a multimillionaire. There is a piece of land. On this land I am seeing minerals, I am seeing hundreds of millions. There is a person who is going to do a transaction, but there is a spirit of delay trying to block this transaction from happening, and God said we must break this delay,” he said.

The woman, who interjected with “Yes Papa, yes Major One”, confirmed she owns land which she had tried to sell, but said there were problems with the sale. She said proceeds from the sale would be used to build an ECG church in Rwanda.

“I dedicate the land to build an ECG church here, Papa. I wanted to sell it to get the money to use it for that purpose and I trusted a person, but the person took the papers and put his name on the papers. He did not pay me,” said the woman.

Bushiri told her she would be be connected to the mining industry and that he was seeing an investor and a big transaction. He assured her, “This project will pass through,” to which the woman answered: “I receive.”