SOUTH AFRICA: Prophet Paul Sanyangore whose prophesies were exposed by a relative has resurfaced in the neighbouring country.

The controversial self-styled  21st century prophet delivered prophesies through his mobile phone leaving followers awe-struck.

“Yes papa, am listening. You want me to name hip hop artists? I know Jay Zee and Kanye West. Oh you mean Rick Ross? Who is Ross in here?” asked Sanyangore before a congregant named Ross moved forward for his prophecy. Ross confirmed he had been a gangster who used guns and was delivered.

Sanyangore who flew into Cape Town at the invitation of Apostle TD Mathibela overseer of Living Word Tabernacle in Cape Town said “The people in South Africa are thirsty for the word of God. I was warmly received and clearly you can see as they say no prophet is acceptable in his own country.”

Sanyangore’s convoy of Germany made automobiles

He revealed he was inundated with requests for interviews with various media houses across the African continent.

“We are not going to stop with our Heaven Online tour. We will be in Pretoria at the end of the month before we go to Zambia and Indonesia,” he added.

Sanyangore’s followers claim their leader once walked on water at a  Harare suburb.

Sanyangore arrives in SA