MDC-T leader Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai has said that it will be difficult for opposition parties to unite harmoniously ahead of the 2018 elections as the parties hold different ideologies and are not at par in terms of representation.

This comes when former Zimbabwe People First interim leader Joice Mujuru has given up on the party and rebranded her defector new outfit to National People’s Party (NPP)

Recently addressing students the former Prime Minister  said although he respects the rule of democracy, the increasing number of opposition parties is worrisome as all of them have different ideologies, therefore trying to forge a common ground will not be an easy task.

Tsvangirai said although there is need of opposition parties to work as a joint force to dislodge Zanu Pf ahead of the forthcoming elections, MDC have to define who they are first before hastening to join forces with other parties which are still little and do not have anything concrete on the table to offer so far.

“Honestly, how can we be equal with parties without a single MP. Also some of the party leaders once abandoned us when it mattered most, so why us now,” he said.

Save as he is known in the political circles strongly emphasized on the need to unite, but said he will be frank to these parties that they are bringing nothing.

“On the negotiating table will be frank with our fellow colleagues that they are bringing nothing new in this struggle, although we cannot overshadow their little efforts we still need it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tsvangirai encouraged the students to be patient with the struggle and avoid anger for the sake of it as it will not bring a lasting solution to the problems affecting the nation.

“Israelites took 40 years to reach Canaan a journey which they could have travelled in two weeks time, so let us be patient we will arrive to the promised land one day,” he said.