Lawyers have set the ball rolling in bid to end impunity by ensuring that unruly police officers get severely penalised.

A police officer is set to have his monthly salary deducted to pay up ZW$400,000 damages to a Chitungwiza man, Ednock Dube, who he tortured for violating Covid-19 curfew regulations.

This is taking place after the victim successfully sued the officer only identified as Chafunga, ZRP Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga and Home Affairs minister Kazembe Kazembe.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) say they have started processes to get money deducted from the offending policeman’s monthly salary to pay up damages amounting to ZWL400 000 as punishment for his misdemeanours.

ZLHR says all this started after Dube was taken to St Mary’s Police Station, where he was detained in the police cells while Chafunga handcuffed him to a pole & assaulted him with a truncheon on his head and hands.

The human rights lawyers said as a result of the assault, Dube ended up nursing a fractured finger & sustained injuries to his eye & thereby limiting his eyesight.

Dube was then assisted by Advocate Chinopfukutwa & successfully sued Kazembe, Matanga & Chafunga for damages at Chitungwiza Civil Magistrates Court.

Apparently, Zimbabwean police officers have been known for violating human rights in the course of their duties.

At times, they demand bribes in order to set alleged law breakers free.