A Zimbabwean man who was arrested for stealing a cellphone in Botswana left a court in stitches when he claimed he was possessed by demons when he committed the offence.

Prince Ndebele (24) made the shocking claims about evil’s role when he committed the crime at the Francistown magistrates’ court where he was jointly charged with Solwa Ndodana Chuma (26).

“I am asking for forgiveness, Your Worship. I woke up early that day and a demon possessed me to snatch a cellphone. I wanted money to go back to Zimbabwe to see my father,” said Ndebele.

He claimed he acted in desperation together with his accomplice as they needed money to return to Zimbabwe.
Promising never to break the law again, Chuma also maintained it was not his intention to steal.

Although Ndebele and Chuma didn’t waste the court’s time when they pleaded guilty, their plea was, however, reserved and they were remanded in custody to 18 May, as police wanted to continue with investigations.

Circumstances as reported by The Voice are that Ndebele and Chuma stole a cellphone at Gerald Estates on 8 April.
The paper reported that they allegedly snatched a Huawei Y5, valued at P1 900, out of the hands of a startled Gokatweng Thabo Thatoyaone.

The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of the duo.
However, the duo, who were also charged with being in Botswana illegally, will have to wait at least a month before setting their foot back into the country.