The ZANU PF Patriots says there are political chancers who join winning parties for self gain than conviction.

ZANU PF Patriots which is an affiliate of the ruling party quoting late former nationalist Willie Musarurwa posted on its X handle that there are disloyal people in all parties.

“Experience shows that there are loyal and disloyal people in all parties. In fact many conmen, opportunists and professional chancers rush to join the winning party just to put themselves on the safe side as far as patronage, perquisites and favours are concerned.

“Such people (who are the property of any winner) are inherently incapable of being loyal either to the country or to Zanu itself” – Willie Dzawanda Musarurwa, (Sunday Mail Editorial, 22 November 1981)…..In loving memory of Comrade Willie Musarurwa.”

The sentiments comes at the time there has been reports that some people especially from the opposition are allegedly joining ZANU PF for personal gains.

At one point the then Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa said selling out was a big business after some members of his party joined the ruling party.