A CHITUNGWIZA policeman has been shamed for demanding a US$100 bribe before returning it to a businessman after being reported to his superiors.

Assistant Inspector Archford Gerald Muguta allegedly demanded US$100 from a businessman Mukanya who operates bottle stores and restaurants and he was given the money before a complaint was lodged leading to his shaming.

H-Metro is in possession of a recorded phone call with Muguta sweet-talking the businessman so that he does not take the issue further.

“Mukanya ko wondipisireiko iwe. Ndafonerwa manje manje neH-Metro zvichinzi ndakatora mari ndikaidzosera,” said Muguta in a call with Mukanya.

He told Mukanya that he had told H Metro in a phone call that the video he appears in while taking the money was fake.

“Mari iya ndakaipihwirwa pacharge office and there was no one taking the video ndizvo zvandamuudza.

“Ndamuudza kuti mavideo enyu amunawo ndeekubikira. Ndamuudza kuti nyaya yacho ndeyakare,” he said.

Mukanya said he was shocked to see Muguta demanding a bribe which he then gave him but not before lodging a complaint with the latter’s superiors.

“It irked me that a person comes and just demands money. What wrong did I do?

“I told his superiors and the money was returned,” said Mukanya.

Muguta said that it was an old case and that he had returned the money after a complaint was lodged.

“Zvakatopera. The money was returned and it is an old issue. “Let me come there and explain all what happened,” he said.

Called later to explain more on the issue, Muguta threw a barrage on this journalist before hanging up the phone.

Officer Commanding Chitungwiza District Chief Superintendent Severino Muguti acknowledged that the issue had been brought to his attention and they were making investigations.

“Once an issue is brought up, we conduct investigations and if the officer is found wanting he is then charged,” said Chief Sup Muguti adding that any other communication is channelled to the police public relations department. H Metro