The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is yet to arrest ZANU-PF’s Abton Mashayanyika who openly incited ruling party supporters to kill opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, his children and supporters.

Mashayanyika was addressing supporters at Rampopo hills in Mberengwa North when he called for the killing of Chamisa and his family.

Meanwhile, critics have viewed this as evidence of selective application of the law.

They say it undermines the credibility of the police and erodes public trust in an institution constitutionally mandated with upholding law and order at all times.

Apparently, some CCC officials are currently in custody for allegedly inciting public violence.

One such person is Zengeza West Member of Parliament Job Sikhala who was arrested for allegedly saying slain CCC member Moreblessing Ali’s spirit will torment those who killed her.

Sikhala said those who killed her will be wiped away, however the police arrested him on allegations that he called for public violence.