Fungayi Moyana

The hatred between the army and police officers is far from being over as recently witnessed when members of the uniformed forces exchanged blows in Chivhu.

The argument is alleged to have started when army officials confronted an off duty policeman for wearing camouflaged shorts.

It is alleged that Constable Philani Matema based at Sadza Growth Point was brutally and ruthlessly attacked by soldiers and sustained a broken nose, swollen legs and a bruised face when he was left in a pool of blood.

Also in the vicious attack Matema lost $80 which was in his wallet, the soldiers dragged him into the mud and left swiftly in an army truck heading through the road to Harare.

‘It was an action movie’ when Matema ‘woke up from the dead’ teamed up with other police officers near by and followed the army truck.

More thriller was unleashed when one of the soldiers took out a 9 millimeter pistol  pointing it to the police officers  who all  displaced and fled for’ dear life’.

Investigations are still underway to get hold of these rogue soldiers who are suspected to be from Harare.