Political Reporter- Simba Moyo

President Robert Mugabe who is addressing a Central Committee of his ZANU PF party has slammed those who had been demonstrating against Saviour Kasukuwere saying they could have used proper channels.

These sentiments now seem to indicate that he has decided to keep Kasukuwere, who had been waiting to know his fate after his province handed a petition against him.

Though at the moment it is not yet clear if Kasukuwere is off the hook yet, as the meeting is currently underway, but his comments seem to indicate he won’t be fired.

“To those who have been demonstrating, please behave; are you not aware that Morgan Tsvangirai and all other enemies of the party are listening?

“We don’t want people to expose our weaknesses to the outside world, they will take advantage of that to attack us,” he says.

He says all their concerns have been heard and it is up to the proper structure to decide.

“We leaders let us not run our party through the press, or twitter, or social media. It is not good. Let us respect rules of the party which should take precedence in how d we deal with matters. We are happy to listen to your grievances provided you use the proper channels in bringing them up,” he says.