ZRP Chinhoyi has dismissed claims circulating on social media that they have apprehended a mad man who was recorded by a female relative beating his wife over a sim card recently.

There are unconfirmed reports suggesting the abused wife died after committing suicide.

Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Margaret Chitove said the information about the arrest was false and misleading.

“We have not arrested the said man and all our police stations in Chinhoyi have not recorded that arrest. Our Victim Friendly Unit, central charge office and crime unit have not recorded the arrest,” she said.

She said police had also not recorded the death of any woman who has committed suicide from related marital problems.

“We are however, working with all the stations in the province to be sure, but as far as we are concerned, the message currently circulating is misleading.”

A message currently circulating on Whatsapp claims that the man was taken to a local police station while the woman who recorded the video was said to be on the run.