The main opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change CCC says the Zimbabwe Republic Police cancelled its feedback meeting in Kuwadzana despite having given it the greenlight to proceed earlier on.

Apparently, the party says the reason given by police as to why they decided to cancel the meeting was because of a rumour through WhatsApp alleging that party president Nelson Chamisa was going to address the meeting.

“Police has just cancelled our feedback meeting which they had approved. They deployed riot police to stop the feedback meeting.

“The only reason given was that they saw a message in a WhatsApp group which was saying President
@nelsonchamisa is coming to the meeting @Kuwadzanaeast,” says the party.

Party Secretary General, Charlton Hwende took a swipe at the action by police, saying this is bad for democracy, as elected representatives must be allowed to meet residents.

“Police has disrupted our Constituency feedback meeting in Kuwadzana east today.

“This after we had been given authorization to proceed. Elected Representatives must be allowed to meet residents and report back. This is the whole essence of democracy.”