Police have arrested a Chinese national who allegedly bashed Chief Chivero at a tile manufacturing plant run by Chinese national in Norton.

Chief Chivero on Monday made a report at Norton Police Station accusing Sunny Yi Feng employee Qiao Shuang Long of assault, leading to the arrest of Qiao.

Chief Chivero claims his arm was injured in the scuffle that occurred at the plant’s main entrance.

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has demanded the deportation of the Chinese national for disrespecting local leadership.

However, Sunny Yi Feng assistant manager Mr Gong Wei Lin addressed a Press conference yesterday and laid the blame on Chief Chivero.

Mr Gong Wei Lin said Chief Chivero was the first to slap the Chinese national when he asked him to write down his details at the security gate.

“On Monday around 11am, the chief came here with a list of 70 people he wanted us to employ. While at the gate, our security guard Qiao asked him to write down his name and contact details for security reasons which he resisted.

“Qiao tried to stop him from entering, but the chief turned violent and slapped him while many people watched,” said Mr Gong.

Employees at the tile plant stated that Qiao was the first to approach the police with an assault report, but Chief Chivero’s complaint which came through the phone was prioritized.