The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed the arrest of Mgcini Ncube (37) in connection with a case of trapping of animals which occurred at Zambezi National Park, Victoria Falls on 23/07/23.

The suspect was arrested whilst skinning an Impala at a temporary structure which he had erected in the game park and this led to the recovery of two dried Impala heads, one dried Impala skin, one dried Kudu skin and eleven wire snares.

Poaching and illegal wildlife trade remain an alarming threat to the survival of rhino and elephant species in Zimbabwe, resulting in rapidly declining populations and threatening the country’s tourism industry and the livelihoods and security of rural communities.

In Zimbabwe, poaching is a punishable offence which attracts a lengthy prison term if convicted.

Apparently, with the damaged soil unable to grow crops, people continue to turn to poaching as a way to eat and earn income.

As such, conservation intervention is critical to ensuring Zimbabwe’s natural resources persist for generations to come.