Zimbabweans have started to burn worthless Zim dollar notes as they are not able to use them. Zimbabwe currently has $2, $5, $10 and $20 dollar notes. The bond notes were introduced in 2016 and were pegged at par with the USD. The bond notes have since changed name to be known as the Zimbabwe dollar.

The development caused outcry in the country with citizens accusing the government of tricking them into finding a way of sneaking back the Zimbabwe dollar which stopped circulating in 2008 after it became worthless.

In some pictures seen on the internet, children are making fun of the Zimbabwe $2 note, once an equivalent of USD 2 has lost almost all of its value. The green notes are the longest circulating of the Zimbabwe notes, initially introduced in 2016 when the Zimbabwe started facing a cash crisis. The notes were released together with coins.

The two dollar note cannot literally buy anything in Zimbabwe. A loaf of bread is now costing $61, up from $1 in 2017 before Mugabe was ousted through a coup in November 2017. The country’s inflation is currently at 800%