Despite a controversial exit from Idols SA the talented Qwabe twins managed to make a mark in the entertainment industry. Their songs and music appeals to to Mzansi’s young and old and the two are among the most recognisable young South African celebrities.

The two thrust into stardom when they bagged a contract with Dj Tira.

They haven’t been in the music industry for long and they are already working their way to the top. The two have a very successful career in music because of how talented they are and a lot of artists want to work with them.

While their musical talent is public and well known, the sisters have kept people guessing about their love life with many drawing unreasonable and not so pleasant conclusions based on what they read on social media.

Viggy and Virginia have time and again explained to Mzansi that they will likely get married to one man and there is no relationship currently going on.

The twins wrote:” We have always been like this. We spend a lot of time together as sisters. We are not in a relationship with each other or anyone else and we are not planning to start our own families anytime soon”. They also stated that they prefer polygamous marriage when they get married.

It is likely they prefer to marry one man so they do not live separately.

The two are 22-years-old as of 2021.