A starving Zimbabwe government accountant has thrown away all his dignity and begged for money for food to feed his starving family.

My Samson Mukonyora is a fully qualified accountant who works for the government and is stationed in Bindura. He is currently earning ZWL $2 100 per month which translates to approximately US$25 (R450) per month. In the past, Mukonyora used to supplement his meagre earnings by vending in the Kitsiyatota area and selling his wares to artisanal miners.

However, since the coronavirus (Covid-19) induced national lockdown came into force about 3 months, ago Mukonyora has been left with no source of supplemental income. He reached out to the editor of the Kukurigo online platform Edmund Kudzayi who initially helped him with some money. However, Mukonyora said that his family’s survival was more important than his dignity and said that he has no problem with his name and photograph being published if it would help his family.

Edmund Kudzayi who is the former editor of the Sunday Mail highlighted Mukonyoras’s plight on social media platform Twitter saying,

Mr Samson Mukonyora, a degreed govt accountant is asking for your help. He says his kids are hungry and his salary Z$2,100 (US$25) can’t keep up. You can publish my name and face, my family’s survival is more important than my dignity, he says.

EcoCash him love on 0784 544 420.

Kudzayi also shared his interactions with Mukonyora and proof of his earnings.


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