President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is the Guest of Honour at the Regular Officer Cadet Course 3/37/19 Commissioning pass out Parade at the Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru is officiating at the graduation ceremony of officer cadets.

The course commenced on 4 Sept 2019 with 205 cadets and after 22 months, 138 cadets will be commissioned second lieutenant.

The regular officer cadets will become second lieutenants after today’s ceremony.


And 138 officers will be commissioned out of the 205 who had initially enrolled for the 18 months gruelling course.

Meanwhile, 13 of those graduating today are females in line with the ZDF gender policy.


The officers are also graduating with a diploma in military training and education, an affiliation of the Midlands State University, which was running in parallel with the regular officers cadet course.

-Zwnews/ zbc