With the pandemic still intact, many of us are searching for virtual ways to make money. The process to make online money is not very complex as there are plenty of ways such as email marketing or graphic designing where you can make money fast. However, generating money through investment requires a whole other skill set. What if you are to invest $5000 into a business? You will surely look for all the pre-attached risks and challenges involved in the process.

Therefore, if you have a couple of hundred dollars sitting in your pockets, it is better to invest them than spending them here and there. All risks aside, the article probes into some of the ways you can invest your money into.

Cryptocurrencies offer a huge return.

Trading cryptocurrencies can offer maximum returns on investments. The process can be a bit lengthy and risky, however, the outstanding rate of return lures many investors from around the globe. Still, the risk of losing comes pre-attached with this mode of trade. To overcome many risks, it is better to gather the best knowledge that is out there about cryptocurrency. Multiple academic websites including Teachable or Udemy offer great educational insights into cryptocurrency. You can learn to invest in multiple types including the famous ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The process to invest is quite simple. All you need is to get enlisted in an exchange and notice the breakouts. But the research is what will assist you in making real money. Look for the trading patterns (the ups and downs) and get busy trading. To ease this process, certain applications and websites such as https://bitcoin-rush.org/ offer great insights into the world of crypto and how you can invest wisely. Making use of these platforms, you can earn huge profits.

Peer to peer lending

This specific kind of investment is a debating point nowadays. Although the process of peer-to-peer lending doesn’t promise huge profits or returns, still, you can make money. But how does this particular lending technique work? With the use of several lending platforms including Prosper, you can lend money to startups or new entrepreneurs. While investing a small amount of capital, you can ask for equity or an interest rate of the return.

The process offers more return as compared to investing or saving money in a bank. Plus, the lending platforms utilize strong AI algorithms that minimize the attached risks. After identifying offers from the investees, it is up to you whether you consider investing or not.

Stock market

Although the stock market is not recommended for the amateurs or faint of the hearts, once completely learned, you can extract huge returns on the investments in a matter of hours. Still, the process requires a lot of research about the market and stocks. Therefore, from trading penny stocks to investing in renowned ones, you can make money.

But when it comes to playing this specific kind of market, it is always recommended by investors from around the world to understand the trends while undermining the risks involved. It is recommended to install stop-loss limits as they save you from significant losses or depreciation. It is the rule of the general market to notice the trends (which are caused by the market makers) not only to trigger a sense of fear in the investors but also to trigger greed. As far as penny stocks are concerned, it is recommended to deeply analyze the market forces if you are looking to make significant profits.

Invest in yourselves

What’s better than to invest in yourself as it is considered the best investment? Although the rate of return is not promised in terms of money, you can invest the knowledge gained. There are various types of money-making courses available online on different platforms where you learn, adapt, and grow after discovering what it is that you want. From social media marketing to digital marketing, many websites offer online courses that can help you to make your first dollar.


It is recommended to never follow the ways that offer overnight success. Start by investing small. Once you know what you are dealing with, invest in the ways mentioned above to generate short bursts of capital. In addition, track your progress and invest wisely.