PHOTOS: Former Zimbabwe dedputy Finance Minister and Harare East MP Terence Mukupe has sensationally accused South Africa based Malawian preacher Shepherd Bushiri of having an adulterous affair with his musician wife, Rachel J(see pictures below).

He claims the preacher might have bonked his wife in Malawi and South Africa.

Mukupe also accuses Bushiri of being a “fake prophet” and running a “fake church” after he came across what he says is WhatsApp evidence of his wife and the preacher arranging to meet for sex romps in Malawi, Pretoria and Rustenburg.

Bushiri has since issued a statement denying the accusations, warning that he has been suing newspapers since 2019.

But Mukupe is determined to expose Bushiri:

“I’m coming after you,” Mukupe said in a Facebook post aimed at Bushiri. “I want the R100,000 that we seeded to your fake church back ,false prophet!

“I want you Bushiri to deny that you met her three times in Lilongwe, Pretoria and your Rustenburg place with my blessing – me buying the plane tickets and you offering to go into business with us with Honourable Chihana from Malawi in tow. Deny it and we will see who serves a true God.”

Terrence Mukupe initially announced that his heavily pregnant wife Rachel J was about to deliver a new family member on facebook before making a u-turn and saying Bushiri is in fact the father of Rachel J’s unborn child.

Mukupe announces wife’s pregnancy bafore making U-turn


Bushiri denied that he uses WhatsApp, maintaining that he last used the platform in 2017. He also denied that the South African number that was sending the messages was associated with him.

“Given all this, it is therefore impractical and impossible for his allegations to be materially true. Sadly, this guy’s lies are part of a pattern of libel and slander that has been directed at me for over a decade,” Bushiri said before threatening to “make yet another example out of him” through a lawsuit.