Here are the photos from the National Sports Stadium where  ZANU PF presidential candidate
Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed his final political rally ahead of crucial elections slated for 30 July, 2018, this coming Monday.

Mnangagwa in his speech told thousands attending that Zanu PF was on the forefront of campaigning freely.

He said for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe every political party has been able to campaign enjoying the democratic space. “We say no to those who want to be violent. Zimbabwe will never again allow violence. All sections of our society love peace. We have allowed observers from all over the world including the Commonwealth. We left the Commonwealth because of differences in our land reform. The land reform is irreversible. We chose our people and our land over the Commonwealth but now we are mending our relations,” says the President.

The President says real change takes time as it requires tough decisions. “Cdes the past eight months was to lay the ground but once elected on Monday on a full 5 term I guarantee you it’s a go and go and go in our country. My commitment is to bring change that will bring smiles in our country,” he added.