The new political administration believes in an inclusive society that does not countenance racial discrimination, and is working with white former commercial farmers to see how they can contribute to the development of the country, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

He also declared that the era of invading white-owned farms was over.

President Mnangagwa said white former commercial farmers who lost farms through land redistribution are free to take part in agricultural development through various contributions that can help the sector enhance productivity.

Addressing an interface meeting with members of the white community, Asians and those of mixed race in Harare yesterday, the Head of State and Government said no grouping is considered a minority community as Zimbabweans are one people.

“Under the new dispensation, there is no discrimination.

“We should cease to talk about who owns the farm in terms of colour. We should cease talking about that. A farmer – a black farmer, a white farmer – is a Zimbabwean farmer. We should look at it that way. We should begin to develop a culture among our people to accept that we are one.”

President Mnangagwa said in line with his plans to restore Zimbabwe’s status as the breadbasket of the region, Government welcomes white former commercial players who are willing to contribute their expertise to the development of the agriculture sector.

He promised that white will be given same security and property rights as black Zimbabweans:

“And we are saying many of the white commercial farmers who remained behind, who did not go away, we are very grateful for accepting this change and they must come on board and they must be issued with the 99-year leases wherever there are pieces of land which they hold,” he said.

He also said the farm rationalisation exercise will apply to anyone, irrespective of rank.

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