Stanley Goreraza |  10 days to go. ED is going to win this. It’s useless to raise the issue of Chigumbas bedroom acquaintances 10 days before the elections. It’s even much more useless to demonstrate against ZEC, 5 days from elections. People have been in parliament for the last 5 years and there they discussed women’s underwear and small houses. The pressing issue of electoral reforms never crossed any one’s mind Even if they had, Zanupf had a comfortable 2/3 majority which was increased when the Mdc donated seats by causing but not contesting by-elections.

ED is going to win there is no doubt in my mind and the opposition should not blame ZEC because ZEC follows laws passed in parliament where the opposition had a presence for 5 years or have been present for the last 18 years. 18 years and you fail to make the necessary changes to the law to ensure credible, free and fair elections.

If you’re a member of Parliament is it not more sensible to talk about ZEC in parliament than it is on the streets? And the people who vehemently opposed those electoral reforms for the past 20 years are the same people the Mdc has gone into an alliance with. The same Edmund Kudzayis and Jonathan Moyo who have all along been asking “what electoral reforms?”

It’s useless to also boycott at this juncture. The opposition leadership has betrayed their followers through their ineptitude and incompetence. They are severely lacking in concrete and effective strategy. Kutuka vakadzi ve vamwe kuti inzenza isn’t strategy and gets nothing done. Neither does Kutuka the British ambassador kuti kapfupi. Hazvina kwazvotizvitsa.

The Bitis and Welshman Ncubes have been in the opposition for over 20 years now. There is need for new ideas and leadership. Mosiirawo vana Fadzayi Mahere timboonawo zvavanoita nekuti imi chamkungogona kutuka nekutsvinya chete.