St THERESE High School has expelled nine students who were recorded in a video clip passionately kissing and caressing in pairs in the four corners of a classrooms at the school located 60 km outside Rusape.

The video, which has gone viral on social platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook, captures moments when the male and female students were fervently cuddling each other. This has set tongues wagging, with mostly parents and education authorities berating the school authorities for laxity of supervision.

Commentators have strongly blamed the school authorities for failing to stamp down authority and maintaining high disciplinary standards, leading to the disgusting behaviour by the students.

St Therese High is a partial boarding institution in Makoni West.

In the 1:38 seconds video clip that was shot using a cellphone, the deeply involved students were captured kissing, caressing and cuddling in the classroom.

The students were clad in school uniform and it is clear the video clip was shot in broad daylight with the full knowledge of the students.

One of the female students is clearly heard chuckling and commenting that “Siyana neni iwe” (leave me alone). The comment was directed at the person recording the video.

A source involved the school told The Weekender that the students caught in the romance debacle have since been sent packing by the school.

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