Recent images depicting Luke Mufaro Dzviti, formerly an employee in Harare, have surfaced, showing him inebriated and lying on the floor at a Christmas party. Dzviti is currently embroiled in controversy, accused of defrauding approximately 300 Zimbabweans living in South Africa who invested in income-generating projects and businesses through the Zimbabwe Migration Network Programme (ZMNP), resulting in losses of around R3 million.

ZMNP, a profit-making entity registered in South Africa for Zimbabwean expatriates, oversees various projects, including large poultry keeping, a KFC franchise, and e-commerce ventures. Founded by Dzviti, the company faces scrutiny for its alleged failure to fulfill obligations to investors.

While Dzviti claims to be in Zimbabwe and attributes his absence to a holiday, he has pledged to return to South Africa to address the situation. However, one victim has already lodged a report with Sandton Police Station, referencing case number 286/2/2024, on February 11.

In response to the allegations, a group of affected individuals has formed an 18-member committee under the Zimbabwe Immigration Federation to investigate and seek redress. Plans are underway to engage legal representation to pursue charges of money laundering and theft in court.

Regarding his whereabouts and involvement in ZMNP finances, Dzviti asserts that he is on leave and will return to South Africa soon, denying direct responsibility for financial matters. He states that ZMNP’s finances are managed by a firm in Johannesburg, and he is not a signatory to the organization’s accounts.

These revelations come amidst mounting concerns over accountability and transparency within ZMNP and highlight the challenges faced by investors who have suffered significant losses.