Founding President of the Zimbabwe People First Party (ZimFirst) Dr Zeb Shumba has launched a petition to save Domborembudzi mountain which he says has come under siege from Chinese mining investors.

He says the mountain which is situated in Murehwa, Mashonaland East, has been sold to the Chinese whom he claims to have since started destroying it in search of Lithium.

“Our struggle is for our country and our heritage., China has mountains but they ain’t destroying their own. Zim Alternative is neigh.

“In 1979, about 29 Domborembudzi villagers, died the during a raid by Rhodesian forces. Today 9 ZANLA forces lie in unknown graves in the village. All lost their lives defending their heritage. Now villagers to be moved to Gokwe to make way for Chinese ‘investors’. Join the fight,” says Shumba.

Domborembudzi Mountain (The Mountain of Goats) is a granite monolith, some 3 km long, 300m at its highest point.

This beautiful granite feature is ideal for hiking, and birding.

The mountain got its name from the fact that it houses goats whose numbers might be well over 200 form large herds that are rarely troubled by both wild animals and humans from the surrounding environs.

It is widely believed that if a villager kills such a goat and consumes its meat, chances of that person developing mental illnesses are high.