Happy 50th birthday to Peter Ndlovu, widely regarded by many as the greatest Warrior of all time. Man what a hero we had in Peter. He would land from the UK and be playing within a few hours. Space fails me to speak of the things needed by the Warriors he paid for personally-Madyira

Happy Birthday to the legend that is Peter Ndlovu. The Zimbabwean great was the first of 3 players to score a hatrick for an away team at Anfield vs the mighty Liverpool.

Former Zimbabwe Warriors captain Peter Ndlovu has called for a collective approach to help save the national game.

The former Warriors talismanic captain, who celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday, posted on his Twitter handle: “Mr Mitchell Gumbo (here) is a special message to your sentiments on this platform, thank you for speaking about our Warriors, who you think have taken a slide.

“It’s our responsibility with the others to come together and try to fix this thing that’s going down, which is our football.

“We can assure you that we will work hard and try to come back to lift it up.”

Ndlovu was responding to a Twitter user, Mitchell Gumbo who has inquired on what was needed to get the country back onto the international football scene.

Thank for the message. It’s our responsibility as a collective (you and I included) to come together and make THE WARRIORS great again! There are those who paved the way for us. They are the greatest WARRIORS of all time-peter Ndlovu