Popular social Zimbabwe social media icon  Prosper Ngomashi aka Comic Pastor is currently riding the eye of a storm after his ex-wife Munyalee Mavura acused him of abusing her during their marriage. She detailed that she suffered a miscarriage at some point due to the beatings administered by her trigger happy former husband.

Venting on her anger  on social media, she penned the statements below;

Like I said before I know I have been speaking in parables for years and the truth which people knew and especially people in Epworth Overspill they saw me going thru the abuse in the hands of Prosper Ngomashi (*COMIC PASTOR*),I remember so well that on this day when Luckie DearLuckie from Busstop Tv came to photograph us as a black woman I had to pretend and act happy and be part of the whole program,I learnt to wear heels, red lipstick and a beautiful shade of smiles and laughter,kisses and holding hands as nothing has happened ,l learnt to live a fake life to act happy at church ,in the road,as a wife I had to be supportive.and our pictures which people saw them beautiful, and mamwe akaiswa on social media vamwe vachitondichiva kuti am living a life izvo ndaichema daily ndai abuswa,ndairohwa,a day before I had been bitten thouroughly pese pairwadza,,,the abuse continued in different shades of pain it became worse and bad,bittings was the most painful part followed by the harsh words,ma gerofriends aifonerwa in my presence ,,I remember a day wen I answered a lady the name on his WhatsApp takanzi”ndakusuwa ndichatokurovera kared number nhasi” I rember I answered back saying as if it was prosper “I am a married man bitch”that day ndakarohwa senyoka yapinda Mumba and I was pregnant,kurohwa then became almost like normal, September 2016 a day Epworth people still fear up to today especially those from my mum’s hood,,coming from work I met the whole family screeming and talking outside it was around 1900hrs and it was about why I repeated to was his socks that morning which had fallen from the table into the dirty water whilst I was moping so it was turned into saying I was using juju for him , Comic pastor akandirovera saying dai ukazvara mwana akafa kana chirema” without hearing my side of the reasons and people were busy packing my cloths to return me back to my parents out he ddnt even bother.


….that I was pregnant, actually they called me a witch “I was pushed into the car and drove to my parents house and made noise and screemed and I had told my parents on phone not to come out because the ngomashi they wanted to cause a scene,people came from their houses to watch and wen they saw that people may come towards them then Phillip the brother and prosper (comic pastor) pulled me from the car side by side and until I was dizzy and pulled me down from.phillips side until I fell with my knees as a pregnant woman I was weak,to cut the story short days later I started bleeding and I miscarried and it was due to bittings(kurohwa)I lost our unborn innocent baby ,I remember he never showed up for his unborn baby at list to show concern of the child not me,I cried for years for loosing my unborn baby,I thought time and years has a way of healing people,I thought money was going to heal,I thought travel was going to heal me from this trauma but every time woman come to me talking about them gojng through abuse the wounds and my pains are reactivated,I hate fight,I hate war,I hate arguments,,If only I had walk away earlier I could have served a soul and a life of innocent baby,so recently some people actually said on the day of his wedding to his current wife they said they thought I was going to come and stop the wedding because of wat he did ,,I’m here to answer u all why I ddnt do such ,,I had suffered enough and the same person he got made me suffer in that so called marriage knowingly,I was gojng through healing and trying to accept my loss and fate,I was picking the left over confidence that was left in me,I was going through recreation from the creator,..I was suffocating for year to speak out I was not bold enough to face my demon ,, rumors has it people u were told a lot against me but today i have decided to answer you all and to unleash the truth of wat inspired and happen…

Speaking out …but why after six years ..(life as Comic pastors wife)

I wanted to speak out right away but it was hard and difficult,I was suffering from myself,I had grown to love pregnancy and I was looking forward to be a mother and loosing it was a difficult time for me ,to make matters worse one time just months after miscarriage he invited me a children program he was hosting and in his word he said “I know you love kids so u can come” he poured flames on me he reactivated my pains tho h didn’t bother about it it was just a slip on a day,,abuse it’s self traumatized me and killed all the Munya that I knew back then,I had lost confidence ,I was parrallized inside,I was going through emotional trauma,I needed to heal ,I wanted to someday get wings to fly ..it wasn’t easy to walk in streets and would b asking myself but why? It took me years a journey to my healing and it’s been a road to discovery to discover myself,the process it’s like nursing wounds with hot chilli it keeps burning and hurting ..it’s difficult to forget,it’s something one wil have to live with the mark left is too big and it has a stamp ,.the painful of it all is my baby,to some may say it was just a pregnancy but oh boy u dot know how it has affected me ,.it’s almost like rape ..they don’t heal by keeping quiet or by saying”mwari ndiye anoziva” we have been thru these traumas we heal through speaking out….I advice you woman speak out don’t die in a shell,walk away from an abusive marriage it’s never too late to try something else…I have picked up the pieces returned back to school,strted travelling ,finding new love,building a travel business,I have found the pieces to my pazzel just that am still fitting them back one day at a step until it’s finished,A GIRL OR A WOMAN HAS TO START SOMEWHERE* after these traumas…musade kufira mudzimba dzema abusers muchiti muchzomuka ngozi ,it don’t work graves are full of people whom died before their time and haven’t fulfiiled their dreams.”