Zimbabwe’s main opposition Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance Member of Parliament for Whange Central Constituency, Daniel Molokele says parliament should not enforce patriotism, but let people feel patriotic voluntarily.

Speaking on a programme hosted by freelance multimedia journalist, Takunda Mandura dubbed ‘Does Zimbabwe needs a Patriotic Act,’ Molokele said patriotism should not be forced on people.

“Don’t force them. Parliament shouldn’t force people to be patriotic,” he says.

However, ZANU-PF Chief Whip Pupurai Togarepi says the Act, is needed; as it is meant to deal with insurgencies.

Meanwhile, the proposed law will criminalise and impose stiff penalties for private correspondence by what was termed as ‘self-serving citizens’, with foreign governments or any officer or agent.

Meanwhile, according to MISA Zimbabwe the legislation is an old age tool of oppression.

More recently, in October 2020, further discussions were held by the Cabinet. Subsequently, it was highlighted that the Principles for the Patriot Bill had already been drafted and that the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, is expected to table them in Parliament.