Panic grips Harare as butchers sell ‘sick and dead’ cattle meat


Residents living in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, are faced with a crisis at least for now, as some local butcheries are allegedly involved in illicit deals selling meat of sick and dead cattle on the market.

The butcheries are said to be hoarding the bulk of meat from Chivi, Chihota and Mhondoro rural areas were cattle are dying in numbers due to an unknown disease, but suspected to be Theileriosis.

Independent investigations carried out by reveal that villagers from Chivi, Chihota and Mhondoro were selling their sick or dead cattle for as little as RTGS $100.

A warning message has since been circulated on social media platforms urging residents to buy meat from trusted retailers.

“Please be advised that most of the beef currently in our butcheries is not safe for consumption. There is an outbreak of disease on cattle especially in Chihota such that a lot of abattoirs and butcheries are buying sick and dead cattle for sell to unsuspecting customers especially in Harare.

“My advice is either don’t buy beef for now or buy from very trusted sources. However, the challenge is that some big abattoirs are also involved,” reads the message.

A doctor who declined to be named however, said the meat has no direct harmful effects if consumed by humans.

“The disease suspected to be killing the cattle is not harmful to humans if they consume the meat, but for avoidance of doubt it is advised that people do not take the meat as it might have long-term effects which might not be immediately visible.”


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