Mnangagwa calls for a national day of fasting?

Has anyone else noticed that since he took over responsibility of the nation, the rate of serious crimes seriously went up? From homicides, armed robberies to the menace of ma Shurugwi, dangerous criminals seem to have been invigorated by his leadership! Yes, Mr Mugabe was evil, but I can’t help but sense an even greater evil about the leadership of Mnangagwa.

Ruthless and brutal Mashurugwi were only confronted after a national outcry and even then they were mildly dealt with, with cushions, pillows and care. The Mnangagwa regime was very careful not to violate the rights of Madzura Moyo mashurugwi who did not extend the same kindness they got from Mnangagwa, to the hundreds if not thousands they murdered and injured. Mnangagwa did not extend the same kindness to protesters on August 1 2018 and January 2019. He showed where his love lay. He loved brutal murderers and hated hungry and suffering people crying for relief

He is not the man to initiate mass communication with God because God will not listen on account of the man whose hands are dripping and whose heart is as dark as as the inside of a grave.

I won’t waste my time heeding his call. Ngabike doro asiyane na Mwari vedu ve Rudo ne tsitsi, attributes alien to him.

stanley goreraza