AFTER claiming that Stunner’s girlfriend wanted a relationship with him, Olinda Chapel’s son, Sean, has thrust himself into controversy again.

He commented on Mazekeen Jade’s live video in suggestive terms.

Jade is Stunner’s girlfriend.

During a live video on Instagram by Jade, Sean said: “I am not causing drama, I’m just saying I’m coming to South Africa and I need some good places to stay.”

This was deemed quite suggestive, and insulting, by some people online.

It came just a few days after Sean fired shots at Stunner and Tytan, appealing to them to keep their distance from his mother.

Below are some of the comments from various people.


Play with my mother I play with your wife. – Brownsugar.


But he is his mother’s child. – Mwana Wamambo.


After saying musikana uyu wants him now goes to say nonsense, this is clout chasing saka anoti akadanana neuyu Dziva vanobatikana here, anogona kuzobva SA Dziva vakudanana namai vake. – Smoskei.


Just like mother, like son, he is full of drama, like mother like son. – Emily.


People ain’t you afraid of zvirwere here zvakawoma kuchinjana baba nemwana zvese. – Faina Faina.

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