Update: Renica Chakabvapasi,  boyfriend Takarwa Mugwangi, killed patient Lee Mazarire

A Kwekwe based nurse is in hot soup after she was dragged to court over the mysterious death of a patient who was allegedly poisoned in an elaborate insurance fraud scam.

According to prosecution papers, Renica Chakabvapasi(30) connived with her boyfriend, Takarwa Mugwangi(48) to kill a patient Lee Mazarire(26).

The crime was uncovered by insurance investigators after the pair cashed $5000 from Old Mutual Life Assurance Company using identity documents belonging to Mazarire.

“According to prosecutors, there are witnesses who saw accused one, on the afternoon of September 3 giving the now deceased tablets. That same night, the deceased told his sister that the tablets he had received from accused one were making him worse and that dying declaration by Mazaire wasn’t disputed by the defence,” said state prosecutors.

The state alleges that Chakabvapasi, in the course of her duties, would identify terminally ill patients admitted at Kwekwe General Hospital and use them to swindle Old Mutual.

The patient died on September 6 at Kwekwe General Hospital and Chakabvapasi is alleged to have speedily facilitated the acquisition of a burial order, which she in turn handed over to Mugwangi, who claimed $5 000 from the insurance company.

The trial continues.