After we reported how vice president Emmerson D Mnangagwa is now within a touching distance from Zimbabwe’s presidential palace, The State House, it came as no surprise that his rivals are now in the woods.

One such man is Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

After being openly and publicly humiliated by Mugabe over Harare land scandal, Kasukuwere has come out all guns blazing, accusing Mnangagwa’s faction and state run newspapers of creating fictitious stories in a bid to tarnish his image.

“What you have read in the State media is pure malice, malicious lies. We are denied space in The Herald; they lie about me. What type of a paper is that, whose news is just hatchet job after hatchet job? Which land belonging to youths has been sold,” said Kasukuwere.

The G40 faction leader whose allies include First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has hinted that Mnangagwa now has a ‘terminator’ overseeing all state owned media assets.

His job is character assassination directed at anyone opposed to Mnangagwa’s bid to take over the presidency from Mugabe in few months to come.

While denying any wrong doing in the allocation of Harare lands, Kasukuwere pointed out how Mnangagwa’s team is now in full control of government owned newspapers that they are now using as tools to smoother rival politicians within Zanu PF.

Kasukuwere also made it clear that he gets nothing from the Harare land allocations;

“The land for our youths is intact, land for women intact. Land allocated to youths across the country will not be touched,” he said.

Kasukuwere insisted that all beneficiaries of land would pay value, and they were doing so directly to the government.

“It doesn’t come to me. There’s already a valuation carried out for land by the government, the price is set by the government and the money doesn’t come to me,” he added.

There are unconfirmed reports of a serious fallout between Mugabe and Kasukuwere. Mugabe did the unthinkable when he publicly confronted Kasukuwere challenging him on reports that he ‘sold land meant for the youths to Prophet  Magaya’.