Notorious Mbare drug kingpin Boss Dhama is walking free after he was been granted ZWL$50 000 bail by a Harare Magistrate this afternoon.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) confirmed the arrested of Boss Dhama, real name Simbarashe Chanachimwe yesterday. The police dragged him to court for unlawful possession of drugs after searching for him since 9 February.

The ZRP is currently on a Government-supported and determined war against drug dealers, peddlers and abusers in an operation named “No to dangerous drugs and illicit substances: See something, say something.” As of 22 February, the police had apprehended 2 618 people.

In passing the ruling, the magistrate restricted him to reside at the home address he provided and report to the police after every two days as part of his bail conditions.

Police stormed Mbare on 9 February and busted several people and houses that manufacture and sell drugs and other dangerous substances. They raided Boss Dhama’s drug base at 4 am on the day, and the popular Mbare personality fled.

Mbare’s Boss Dhama is a close friend of Zimdancehall producers Levelz and DJ Fantan, and many suspect he funds street parties where local artists perform and drugs are sold.

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa recently declared war on drug dealers and abusers in the country.

He ordered the country’s security services to be ruthless on drug dealers.

Apparently, following Dhama’s release, Zimbabweans online expressed mixed relations.

People online expressed different sentiments as Boss Dhama walked scot-free.


“Despite all the bad things about America but we can all agree that when it Comes to Justice System, it never fails. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. Zim is rotten.”


“Basic criminal law procedure here. If a charge is available, then he can apply for the same.”


“Rakutoenda kunomatengesa futi nhasi at least vanga vasingamuzive vakumuziva now and rawana mamwe ma customer kubva pakanyaya ako.