Tinashe Zisengwe

When time calls death is no respecter of men, this phrase nearly came true for a Gweru policeman who escaped death by a whisker this morning after being hit by a speeding Mushikashika taxi at a roadblock.

The accident occurred less than 1 kilometre along Gweru- Harare highway.

Six traffic police officers were manning their roadblock along the major highway when one of their colleagues ran out of lucky while trying to stop a speeding Honda Fit; a perceived usual customer who usually bribes them failed to control the steering instead running over the cop.

The law enforcement agent sustained serious injuries and was rushed to a local hospital where he has been admitted upon arrival.

The traffic officer is also alleged to be the one who receives bribes from the illegal taxis mostly Honda Fits which ply towards Athlone, Riverside and Nashville routes.

An anonymous police officer has declared war upon the Mushikashika guys for the fate saying they will be hard on their throats.

Midlands police spokesperson could not be reached for a comment as her phone went unanswered.