They don’t listen anymore..How they treat  Mugabe Political Reporter- Simba Moyo

One speaker once said ‘the art of being a good guest is to know when to leave,’ if you overstay your welcome the host  might end up ignoring your presence, let alone take your advice.

How many times has President Robert Mugabe called for unity, political tolerance, respect of party protocol in dealing with challenges? However, what did he get in return; disunity, factionalism, lack of respect, rudeness, and total disregard of his calls.

His party is not heeding his calls anymore, the infighting is worse, the more he calls for unity, the more his subordinates exhibit the opposite. That is what is expected when things fall apart, when the centre no longer holds.

Mugabe is no longer commanding the respect he used to have from both his party and outside. What is worrying him the most is when his people behave like opposition, indirectly mocking him in the process.

As the infighting in his party get nastier, Mugabe once told members of his party not to trade blows in public, by use of social media, facebook, twitter, etc, but few minutes after, the act went on, with his trouble-boy Jonathan Moyo one of his cabinet ministers in the forefront twitting. This is just one of such instances where his calls fell on deaf ears.

In his birthday interview speech Mugabe said he wouldn’t want to be known of presiding over a corrupt cabinet, however the rot continued. Most recently he pleaded for demonstrations against party leaders mainly (Saviour Kasukuwere) to stop until the matters are discussed at the proper forum.

But reports filtered that the demonstrations went on particularly in Masvingo moments after he had pleaded for calmness, nobody heeded his pleas.

The intriguing part is that all these cabals of his; claim to serve only one master, Mugabe and Mugabe alone, to the extent of taking turns to bootlick him.

A renowned political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya, recently put it simple; “If all these people including Kasukuwere are wrong or do not serve Mugabe, who is then right, who serves Mugabe then?”

He says the personal interest of a dictator is primarily that the people should be weak, wretched and never able to resist oppression. But for the aged Mugabe this law seems not to be applying, the centre is no longer holding. Some have come to the conclusion that Mugabe is no longer in control of his party anymore.

Mugabe will tomorrow chair a Central Committee meeting where issues of factionalism, disregarding of party protocol are expected to be tabled for debate, this comes at the time there has been disorder in the party, with demonstrations and tempers flaring within the party’s organs of high authority. It is also expected that at this forum is where Kasukuwere’s fate would be sealed, amid unconfirmed reports that he wept before his boss (Mugabe) last week begging for mercy.